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Axel Reinsdorf & Stefan Hahnfeld

IMBAU Consulting - The Company

In summer 2007, the two German architects Axel Reinsdorf and Stefan Hahnfeld met in Seville. Although employed by different companies, every now and then they worked together on joint projects over the years.

During this time, German compatriots and other foreigners from their personal environment came to them, in need of professional help and advice on construction, property, or simply about life in Spain in general. Both of them knew through their personal experience how you feel, arriving in a foreign country which you are not familiar with. Therefore, they were happy to share their experience and knowledge and they were glad to help where they could.

This led, after a long and conscientiously preparation, to finally found IMBAU Consulting in 2012. A company that does exactly what they were repeatedly asked to do over the years:

  • To assist foreigners in all matters relating to their property.
  • To be a competent partner who speaks their language, taking care of everything and it represents them on-the-spot.
  • Someone who is familiar not only with Andalusia, but also know what foreigners from other countries expect in terms of quality, reliability and service. And offers them exactly that!
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Axel Reinsdorf - Architect

Axel was born in 1971 in Heilbronn and studied architecture in Mainz, with semesters abroad in Spain and the USA. Prior to his architecture studies, he did an apprenticeship as a carpenter; therefore he still has a special eye for design details on the site.

After studying Axel worked as an architect in Frankfurt am Main, focused in the area of ​​luxury villas and residential buildings.

For the past 8 years, he has been living in Seville. Before founding IMBAU Consulting, he worked for various architectural offices in residential construction and was decisively involved in the development of novel solar lightning systems.

Axel combines South-German quality awareness with Andalusian serenity. With his additional qualification as a certified real estate agent (Agente Inmobiliario) he is the ideal partner for all kinds of problems around your property.

Axel is also married to a Spaniard and has two children, trying to teach them the best of both cultures.

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Stefan Hahnfeld - Architect

Stefan was born in 1972 in Münster and grew up in Hanover.

Since being a child, he spent almost every summer in Andalusia. In 1999 he moved to Seville to study architecture here and work in local architect’s offices.

After graduating, Stefan worked at first in Germany and, since 2005, in Spain as a planner and construction supervisor in hotel, industrial and residential construction. He also has a special talent for the latest planning technologies.

Stefan is from childhood familiar with the Andalusian culture, speaks Spanish with an Andalusian accent, and is therefore not only a technically competent planner, but also an expert of the country, the culture and the people.

When he does not indulge his passion for cooking, Stefan likes to run a marathon or drive with his bike through Europe.